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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The hemp plant has been cultivated for centuries due to its versatility. Virtually every part of the plant can be put to good use! It has a long history and is in fact considered to be one of the first plants cultivated by man.

It’s been suspected that hemp was one of the first plants that was cultivated for use in the textile industry. Remains of hemp clothing dating back to 8000 B.C. have been found! These remains also suggest that the hemp industry may be one of the oldest industries in the history of mankind.

Hemp was introduced to Europe at a later stage (in around 1200 B.C.) and that’s when the plant rapidly spread across the entire globe.

Hemp was used by the Chinese to make paper as well. Moreover, hemp medicines found its way into the culture of many different countries around the world. Eating the seeds and flowers was suggested for those suffering from insomnia, joint pain, seizures, and many other disorders.

In fact, hemp became so popular in the entire world that it became a rule of law for cultivators to reserve 1/4th of their land for sowing hemp.

The world became dependent on hemp-derived fabrics which were used to make canvases and ropes for sailing ships. In fact, even the word ‘Canvas’ is derived from Cannabis, the scientific name of the hemp plant.

Hemp became one of the first plants to be subsidized by the Canadian government. Policies were made to promote the cultivation of hemp and to help farmers who grew hemp by giving them monetary aid.

The downfall of hemp began with the introduction of cotton machines. Harvesting hemp required intensive labor. The mechanical cotton gin was soon invented, which made cotton the more popular fabric as hemp needed a lot of labor to be cultivated.

Many powerful business owners saw the hemp plant as a potential threat to their businesses. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that hemp cultivation was completely banned across the United States in 1937.

Now, hemp is back in the game with the introduction of more and more hemp made products every day! After all, a plant with so many uses could only be kept banned for so long!

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